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Transportation Service Salt Lake City

Flatbed Transportation Service Salt Lake City
F.W. Taylor Transportation is the premier choice for Flatbed Transportation Service Salt Lake City

Do you like repeating yourself on the phone when calling to get a quote/update/or when you just have a basic question? Of course you don't. That's why you will never be transferred mid-call with F.W. Taylor Transportation!

Whether it’s for dry van transportation to or from Salt Lake City or for smaller loads that only require a half truckload transportation service - we thrive on jobs of all sizes. We also service all of the contiguous USA and all of Canada!

If you are currently seeking a freight trucking company, you are likely to discover that there is a broad choice of options. Do you have loads that require refrigeration? Our temperature controlled transportation service based out of Salt Lake City is suitable for this type of transportation. That's what F.W. Taylor Transportation specializes in.

If you have freight as small as 1 pallet at 150 pounds, or a full truckload at 45,000 pounds, we are equally prepared to provide you with the best solution and a variety of options.  

With over a decade of experience in the trucking industry, F.W. Taylor Transportation not only fulfills our clients' expectations, we exceed them. 

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